1. Rain Maker


Rain Maker
-Sheryl Clapton copyright2001

The lady’s verse was told to me, While my hand she softly held
Though I was not very old, She thought I old enough to know
She was a lady called Gypsy Leah, Her story told of a Golden Sea
A place where Princes become Kings, Where musicians play harps and Sing

She said there is a gift I bring, I am a rainmaker when I sing
For Jesus gives us many things, some are answers when we pray
And I Pray:
May your rains fall quite free, making your grass grow quite tall
May your rivers flow as fresh springs
May your children dance and sing…

Her family traveled over the South, they sang of Love, what God is About
They prayer for rain, and then it came
Washing the sadness all away
Her story ended for it was time, but its open ended cause now its mine
They knew what they sang about, God hears our Prayers just like a Shout!
Now I sing, I am a Rain Maker when I sing
For Jesus gives me many things, some are answers when I pray
For Remember, God Never fades away!