July 2011...

Hi! This summer I have been filling in for the News Director on KPOW/KDRO for a week.

What an incredible challenge! Rewarding and fun.

I've also been filling in for others, as usual and hosting my two weekly shows on KDRO Saturdays 6am to noon Sundays 8am to noon I take requests, and have been hosting "Open Mic" & "Lawn & Gardening with Gary" Saturday mornings at 8:10am and 9:15am. "Open Mic" is Sedalia, Missouri's oldest call-in talk show. Our guests have included FEMA, SBA, Salvation Army, CACTUS, Boys & Girl's Club Director and so many more.

Sunday's I host Christian programming, which includes music, Church Broadcasts and more.

Currently continuing to work with those with developmental disabilities, with focus on my Music Program. Music is an important key to many things for those living with Autism.

Stay safe and cool out there, sure is a hot year. I played "Rain Maker" last Sunday, it sprinkled on me as I left Sedalia :).

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