1. Dirt Roads

From the recording Dirt Roads

Although I have literal amnesia, there are some things I remember.
I remember my mother teaching me piano, me in her lap at the keys, my hands on hers.
Remember to treasure those you love.


I remember when I was a little girl, I dreamed of traveling all over the world. I wanted to see those who like me wanted Heaven, Eternity.

So I traveled, went where I could, singing to people and they back to me, happiness all I wanted to give, many gave just that back to me.

Dirt roads I found beckon to me, Come with us find what we see.

Friends here, well they work with wood, or whatever their Souls lead they should, they found more than those who have found evil instead of thier dreams.

There is a lady she had a tray, she offers you jelly beans when you decide to stay She made me laugh with her stories and her ways, I told her she should write, she just laughed and said, "Maybe someday"

Dirt roads I found beckoned to me, come with us and see what we see.