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I am interested in what is happening round our country and our world. I would like to hear from you, what you have to say is important. Peace be with you, Sheryl Today in Mid Missouri we had our first day of cloudy weather following a thunderstorm outbreak last night. The forcasters say we are in for a stormy spring... I believe it and feel the truth in that statement. I've also seen miracles happen repeatedly with the weather, today as I was leaving the school where I'm currently working after two hours of cloudy rain-free time outside, I pulled out of the parking space and fine rain began. So many times that is how my life works with the weather. I work with Missouri Missing, a group of people, some are families of missing persons and some are friends and just others who care. I also record the Community Calendar for KDRO, and love to support family type events around Missouri. If you have an event or performance on the way, let me know!!

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