Last Day of 2019 

So much behind us, So much to come.

Goals are achievable, Desires are created to achieve goals.

Listening to memories of the past in the form of music, helps define the past, the fears, the dreams of those gone by...

No matter the aim of each, peace helps create time to complete the targeted agenda.

Smiles are not to be discarded, they are to be worn with glee. Creating a strong, peaceful state of mind to travel through the day.

Sing. Uplifting for the Soul and shares joy with all Nature.

So as I look toward the New Year, I strive for Love, Understanding, Peace, Joy, and Prosperity.

Prosperity being a necessary part of uplifting life. Blending and enjoying the Final Outcome.

I head into the Future with the Holy Deity. 

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  • Sheryl Clapton
    Sheryl Clapton Colorado
    Testing this system!

    Testing this system!

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